R.H. Crane is manufacturers of all types of cranes and lifts in Ludhiana, which is the foremost Industrial hub of Punjab. Having our own extensive and modern Design, Fabrication and machining facilities, makes our equipment one of the Best and Competitively priced.


COMPUTERIZED designs through software for crane design, Computer aided drawings, specialized structural analysis software, the Design Cell. Comprising of Mechanical, Civil, Electrical engineers and post graduates, the meticulous planning & proper documentation facilitates the smooth execution of any project.


A team of qualified engineers, equipped with the most advanced testing instruments, that are calibrated at regular intervals, ensure strict quality adherence from raw material to the finished product, and that is the reason that our equipment has always passed the most stringent quality checks conducted by external agencies.

Machine Shop

A fully equipped state of the art Machine Shop, comprises of the most modern and precision machines. Ranging from simple lathe machines to the most advanced hobbing machines, complete manufacturing of the components takes place in-house. Complete in house machining and gear cutting facilities ensures that we can considerably reduce time to supply replacements, in case of emergency.

Fabrication Shop

Our fabrication plant where the complete structural fabrication from raw material to the finished crane assembly takes place.

Crane Repair & Maintenance Services

We offer Crane Repair and Maintenance Services for the host of industries. Our effective maintenance services allow our users the easy and hassle free usage of Cranes. Supported by highly skilled technicians, our services are acclaimed for accuracy and speediness. When it comes to maintenance services. Our Repair and maintenance services include – Breakdown maintenance, Periodic Preventive Maintenance, Annual Maintenance Contracts or AMC and Predictive maintenance.

We also undertake replacement of worn out parts, improvement in existing design to reduce need for frequent change of parts, LT wheel replacement, LT wheel alignment including its verticality and skew, Drive alignment, Replacement of Brake Drum and Brake liners, refurbishment of motors and gearboxes, replacement of wire rope and rope sheaves, replacement of hooks, rectification of CT rail level difference, Gantry Rail alignment and Gantry Rail replacement.

Maintenance Services for Electrical System include replacement of motor slip rings and carbon brushes, refurbishment of panel and replacement of worm out parts such as contactors, cleaning of panels and resistance boxes, replacement of damaged cables and cable dressing, replacement of current collector/ shoe and setting of overload relays and limit switches.